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Fallen Tree Candle Co.

7 oz Fired Up Coffee

7 oz Fired Up Coffee

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Fired Up Coffee is a robust and invigorating candle scent that captures the essence of a morning brew by the fireside. It combines the deep, rich aroma of fresh coffee with the smoky warmth of a campfire. Complementing these primary scents are the luxurious notes of amber, which add a resinous sweetness, and sandalwood, providing a soft, woody undertone. This candle is perfect for those who love the comforting feel of a cozy, aromatic fire paired with the energizing zest of coffee. Light it to awaken your senses and warm your surroundings.



Note: It is normal for the surface of the candle to cool bumpy and brown after burning, frost (white crystal-like formations), and yellow over time. None have an effect on the scent or burn of the candle. With proper care, this candle will burn for 35+ hours. 

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