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Fallen Tree Candle Co.

2.5 oz Mountain Man's Pipe Wax Melt

2.5 oz Mountain Man's Pipe Wax Melt

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Mountain Man's Pipe is a candle that evokes the rugged, serene ambiance of sitting beside a mountain man on his cabin porch, high in the crisp mountain air. This scent melds the rich, deep aroma of sweet tobacco with the fresh, crisp notes of blue spruce, creating a robust backdrop reminiscent of expansive wild forests. Infused with the warm, inviting essences of amaretto and brandy, the fragrance exudes a comforting sweetness, while hints of oak impart a sturdy, earthy base. Lighting this candle transports you to a secluded mountain retreat, where the only companions are the scents of nature and a hint of nostalgia, perfect for those seeking a moment of escape and tranquility.



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