Collection: Campfire Crush

Step into the embrace of twilight with Campfire Crush, a candle that captures the essence of a romantic evening by the fire. As the flame dances, it releases the delicate aroma of roses in full bloom, their velvety petals unfurling with each flicker. The oud adds a layer of deep, resinous luxury, reminiscent of ancient woods whispered about in love stories.  The light sandalwood provides a soft, creamy backdrop, its milky scent blending seamlessly with the more robust notes. It’s like the gentle touch of a lover’s hand—reassuring yet exciting.  And then, the pièce de résistance: the authentic smell of a fireside. It’s the scent of burning embers, a smoky whisper that brings back memories of cozy nights under the stars, of stories told and memories made. It’s not just the scent of fire; it’s the scent of warmth, of connection, of hearts entwined.  Campfire Crush is more than a candle—it’s a story, a memory, a promise of love that burns as steadily as the flame at its heart. Light it up and let the passion ignite.