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Fallen Tree Candle Co.

7 oz Sweet Leather

7 oz Sweet Leather

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Sweet Leather is a candle that expertly combines the rich, classic scent of leather with the succulent sweetness of plum. This fragrance opens with the deep, comforting aroma of leather, evoking the feeling of an elegant, well-worn library chair or a chic leather jacket. As it burns, the juicy, ripe notes of plum come forward, adding a lush, fruity contrast that softens and enriches the bold leather. This unexpected pairing creates a sophisticated and alluring atmosphere, perfect for those who love their scents to be both luxurious and uniquely intriguing. Light Sweet Leather to infuse your space with a scent that's both opulent and warmly inviting.



Note: It is normal for the surface of the candle to cool bumpy and brown after burning, frost (white crystal-like formations), and yellow over time. None have an effect on the scent or burn of the candle. With proper care, this candle will burn for 35+ hours. 

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